What is e-ticket?

E-ticket (or electronic ticket) is a map that is not in paper form. Instead of receiving a physical ticket at check-in counters at the airport (check-in) will be sent a confirmation number along with your identification document (passport) that is used to issue boarding passes (boarding pass). In some cases, the airlines may ask you to present the credit card that you make payments.
Using e-ticket is very simple and completely safe. Today, most airlines can offer e-tickets. E-cards have many benefits. You can not lose e-ticket because she confirmation number and photo identification. In case you forget the confirmation number, it will be a sufficient number of flights.

If I purchase an e-ticket, you get as proof of purchase?

When booking tickets through our web pages, you will by e-mail to receive an email confirmation with the airline. After the cards are issued to get another email with the schedule of the flight where the bottom of the map to see the number of e-cards and "CARD ISSUED." We recommend to print out. Can present that number at the time of airport check-in counter along with appropriate identification.

Once you buy a ticket over, when can I get?

To protect against fraud and our client, "MediteraN TraveL" e-ticket is sent by e-mail address of the cardholder or passengers. Airline tickets are generally issued immediately upon receipt of booking or no later than 24-48 hours. We recommend checking e-mail after booking because in case of a problem with charging airline tickets, contact you back, to maintain a betrayal of the reservation period. E-tickets arrive in your e-mail or fax, depending on when the airline or consolidator back forward, so that we arrive at your map so we send you. It is within 2-3 days and sometimes when the season can happen and 7-10 days, it does not mean that your card is issued. The reason is that companies always prefer and do online, those passengers who are closer to the date of travel.

Special Note

Kindly note the correct entry and last names when booking - not using some Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian characters or letters with check marks!
It is very important. For if because of one letter of the name or names you have any problems at airports "MediteraN TraveL" can not bear this responsibility. Each card must be completely identical names and surnames of passengers as in the passport, which is traveling. Once the ticket is issued only after that may be undone with certain penalties if the rules allow these cards to do with the payment of a specified number of 100, 200, 300 dollars to pay for extra. Penalties for failure to pay first-issuing false and totally new map with the exact data. It is therefore very important to make sure the accuracy of names and surnames.