Money Transfer

"MediteraN TraveL" transfers of money between the U.S., Canada and Macedonia.
So far we only have this opportunity but we are working to transfer and we can expand into other surrounding states such as Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro... In just 24 hours of your payment you can transfer the desired amount. Money can be sent to Macedonia, or from Macedonia for the United States or anywhere in the world. Service charge is $ 15 dollars for amounts up to $ 100 dollars and over $ 100 dollar service fee is 5% of the amount of transfer + $ 15 dollar administrative accounts.

For example:
If you want to send $ 500 dollars, it is necessary in our agency in Chicago send $ 540 ($ 500 x 5% + $ 15), and for only 24 hours of the person you nominate you can raise $ 500 in our agency in Macedonia.
If you want to send $ 100, you need to send us $ 115, and $ 100 will be transferred. Please note that when the money supply decline one percent of the total amount and the money paid in denars for foreign law.

The procedure for sending in the U.S. and Canada for Macedonia:

1st. You have 3 ways to send money:

1.Pay the money into our office in Chicago at:
"MediteraN TraveL" 5139 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, 60625 (09.00-05.00pm central time)
2 Pay, to make the total amount of deposit to our bank account:
JP Morgan Chase Bank "MediteraN TraveL" ACC # 924 992 092
3 Send Cashiers Check or Money Order in the amount you want transferred to our agency in Chicago. We recommend that you send certified mail with checks. Do not forget to send the amount of services (5% + $ 15).

2nd. With payment please send the name and telephone number of the person you authorize to raise money as well as your name, phone and address.

3th. Upon receipt of payment, "Mediterranean Travel" will notify you of your receipt and confirm when the money will be delivered (for 24 hours except when it comes to Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in any of the state).

4th. The person that you appoint will be contacted as soon as possible and the money will be available for the taking.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact us at the following numbers:
USA phone (773) 609-8001   MKD phone (032) 397-001

"Mediterranean Travel" guarantees that our cheapest transfers from the U.S. and Canada.
Call the competition and see for yourself. If you find somewhere cheaper transfers please call and we will give you a discount of 10% compared to the price.